Optional BYOD Program (Years 4-7)

Students in Years 4-7 at Clapham Primary School have the opportunity to bring their own iPad to school as part of our BYOD program. This provides an additional resource to assist with student learning experiences at school and home.

The BYOD program was initially established in 2017 for those students who have learning difficulties or disabilities to use assistive technology to support their learning. Due to the success of the program, the decision was made in 2018 to expand the program to all students.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions from parents regarding the schools BYOD program. If you have any additional queries that are not addressed below, please contact the school and we shall update this page with additional information.

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Is the BYOD program optional or a requirement?

The BYOD program at Clapham Primary is optional. The program is available to assist students with their learning if they would like to bring their own device to school however it is not compulsory.

Is there a cut-off date for the JB HiFi offer?

To streamline the process and make it easier to select a suitable device for use with our schools network, we have worked in partnership with JB HiFi to offer a BYOD purchasing portal with our recommend choice of devices, accessories and warranty options at educational pricing. Purchasing from JB HiFi is optional and there is no cut-off date for this offer or pricing.

If I have an iPad at home already, can that be used at school as part of the BYOD program?

If you already own an iPad and it meets our recommended requirements (it must be recent enough to run the most recent iOS operating system to ensure app compatibility and also have sufficient storage space available) then it can be brought to school and enrolled in the BYOD program.

The school recommends that the iPad has a minimum capacity of 32GB.

Are additional accessories such as a keyboard, case, pen etc. required?

Just the iPad will suffice, however a case is strongly recommended to protect the device while being transported to and from school. The keyboard, case and pen are optional additions as previously some parents have indicated that they would like the option to be able to buy these accessories. The accessories also have educational pricing and are at a slight discount compared to retail prices.

Does the iPad come with all the software?

The iPad comes installed with the iOS operating system. The majority of the applications used at Clapham Primary are free however if a paid application is required for the students learning, the cost of the application is covered by the school and the application will be installed onto the device for the duration of the students enrolment. When the student leaves the school, the paid application is removed from the device.

I have a student in Year 5 next year and another student in Year 3, will the Year 3 student need an iPad in Year 4?

The BYOD program is optional. Parents may choose to purchase a device for each student, purchase a device for the eldest student or not purchase an iPad at all.

Are there options available to hire an iPad for families that cannot afford to purchase?

Hiring options are not available through the school. The school does have class sets of devices which are available for students who do not have their own device however as these devices belong to the school they will not be able to be taken home. The class devices are shared between multiple students.

If we have an iPad at home can this be used without having to delete the apps that are used at home?

Generally, if the iPad meets our recommended minimum requirements outlined above (must be able to run the latest available iOS operating system to ensure app compatibility and have a minimum storage capacity of 32GB) then it will be able to be enrolled into our network and used as a BYOD device at Clapham Primary School and can also be used at home.

However, if the iPad storage is full and the presence of apps used at home that are not educational are impacting on the schools ability to install an app that is required for learning, the school may remove apps where necessary to create sufficient storage for educational apps.

The process of enrolling the device into our management system also means that the increased control of the applications and enforcement of restrictions on the device to protect the stability and security of our internal network may result in the loss of data when the iPad is removed from the management system when the student leaves the school.

The management profile that is installed onto the device can be removed via the “Settings” application at any time by the student. If a student deletes this profile the iPad will display a warning (which must be confirmed multiple times). This process will erase the data on the device and is irreversible. Students are instructed not to remove this profile from their device.

Clapham Primary School is not responsible for the loss of any data (School-related or otherwise) on a BYOD device enrolled into our network. It is the students and/or parents responsibility to ensure that any important data is backed up safely by either completing regular backups through iTunes or by storing data in iCloud.

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