After School Sports

Student involvement in sport provides many benefits including the development of leadership and social skills, plus good health and fitness.

At Clapham Primary we offer opportunities for students to extend their interests and skills in a range of sporting activities. These include Summer sports of cricket and basketball and Winter sports of Netball and Soccer. We rely on volunteers from the school community to assist with organising our After Hours Sport program by taking on coaching, team management and scoring responsibilities.  The Physical Education teacher and Governing Council sub-committee oversee After School Sports processes.

After School Sports Booklet 


Clapham Primary is committed to providing a range of extra-curricular activities to engage and support students at lunchtime. Clubs enable students to connect with peers who share similar interests and also to try something new.

Clubs are provided on a volunteer basis by staff and volunteers. Clubs include:

  • Gardening
  • Japanese

 (Please note that the clubs offered year to year may change.)

Instrumental Music

Clapham Primary is privileged to be able host instrumental music lessons for string instruments at our school. Instrumental music is a music program funded by the Department for Education. The Department employs specialist music teachers who visit schools providing instructional lessons to students who have nominated to participate. The opportunity to learn an instrument is offered to students in years 5 and 6 and the lessons are provided at no cost to families.

Students can choose to hire an instrument either privately or through the Department, depending on availability. Alternatively families may have an instrument at home that the student is able to use.

Instrumental music occurs Thursday mornings in half hour group sessions.

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