Clapham Primary School welcomes volunteers. Volunteers are invaluable to our school and there are many roles that you can volunteer for.  Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on our community. But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too?

Here are some reasons to volunteer:

  • can teach you a new skill
  • help you to connect with your community
  • employers like to see that you are a volunteer because it means that you are willing to work, have compassion, and are a team player
  • You set a good example for those around you
  • One person can make a difference, but when that difference is multiplied, it can be life changing.

Some of the main volunteering roles in our school are Library support, Sports Coaching, Classroom Support eg hearing reading, Camps and Excursions and Governing Council (including sub-committees).

Please click here to access the Volunteer Registration Form.

Please click here to access the Volunteer Agreement.